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Mountain Rescue Donations

Document your unique experience by contributing a route guide + generate donations for mountain rescue teams.

Guidebooks are all well and good, but your unique perspective could give someone the confidence try a new route.

If you’d like to help out others and contribute a new route (or improve an existing one), all you need to do is provide the following info:

  1. Route info -Map, Grade, Gear, and Approach information.
  2. Scrambling Guide – an overview, and instructions for each main section of the scrambling route.
  3. Media – Images or video from the route including the main moves, approach and descent.
  4. About you (optional) – an image of you, short byline about you, and some links to social media accounts.

Email your route guide to [email protected]

In return, we will donate £7.50 to a mountain rescue team of your choice for each route your submit (or send you the money).

*Note, these routes have to be your own account, and cannot simply be copied and pasted from a guide book.

*Once contributed, owns the right to all of the submitted content, and so it may not be reused on other websites / open groups.

Recent Contributions:

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