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There is a thin line between technical climbing and scrambling. Scrambling offers you the opportunity to visit remote, wild, scenic places where few humans have trod. It does require knowledge of all mountaineering techniques such as boulder hopping and rock climbing plus the ability to swim and a good head for heights. A scrambler must have good stamina, be in excellent condition, and be able to function under adverse conditions; due to the remote location you may be in, you could be some way from safety or civilization.

For more information on the difficulties of scrambling, see our scrambling grades page.

Scrambling is fun and also provides you with the opportunity to enjoy some wild camping in the UK. If you are wanting to do a few scrambles within a couple of days then there are many that you can link together, and create your self a mini mountaineering expedition. Please remember though to take all rubbish with you and do not litter the country side. “You brought it in You carry it out”

Scrambling is a dangerous activity and requires common sense and the ability to recognize when you are in over your head and to retreat. Too many people get injured or die due to their lack of experience and or the understanding that scrambling is a sport very close to mountaineering and rock climbing and that one slip could be fatal.

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