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Striding Edge

This is a classic grade 1 scramble in the Lake District, one of the most famous in the United Kingdom.

It involves a reasonably sized ridge walk, with mainly simple moves and 1 short down climb.

There is a possible continuation for those looking for more adventure route after the ridge has finished.

Parking: Ullswater Information Centre (Google Maps)

Route Map

The route follows Mires Beck up from Glenridding, onto Striding Edge, takes in the Helvellyn summit, and then descends Swirral Edge, to then come back on the path ascended (Mires Beck).


Approach walk of Striding Edge, view of Glenridding

Park around the Ullswater Information Centre (there is overflow parking for when busy), and make your way up Greenside Road, past the Travellers Rest and then follow the road around a left hand turn.

Continue across a bridge, take the right hand fork next to a small stream, and eventually you will ascend to a gate. Take a left here, and follow this path all the way to the top (it follows via Mires Beck for a period).

You will soon see the summit of Helvellyn in the distance, with the left hand edge being Striding Edge (and the right hand Swirral Edge).

Helvellyn summit from a distance

First Sighting

As you come over the top of the crest, you see the summit of Helvellyn in the distance, a very impressive sight!

Follow the path as it weaves the way towards the left hand edge (Striding Edge), steadily increasing in steepness until you’re on the ridge itself.

Striding Edge route arrow looking at Helvellyn
Line showing the start of Striding Edge

How To Scramble Striding Edge

Once you’re on the ridge itself, Striding Edge offers a route for every ability. You can scramble the ridge directly, taking on the most difficult challenges along the way, or you can follow the right hand path that avoids the majority of the difficult moves.

Certain parts can be ascended and descended via different lines to get the most fun out of it, and at the end there is a continuation on the right that takes you all the way to the summit of Helvellyn.

Continuation Route
The red line shows the continuation at the end of Striding Edge.
The start of Striding Edge
The beginning of the Striding Edge ridge.
Striding Edge view of St Sunday Crags
Striding Edge view of St Sunday Crags
Crux of Striding Edge
The crux step down climb towards the end.

Alternative Finish 1

If you want a bit more fun, there are rocks leading to the summit of Helvellyn on the right, just as Striding Edge meets the main part of the mountain.

Easy scrambling can be had by traversing right, and choosing your own route to the top.

It is a grassy slope so care should be taken in bad weather, and avoided if too slippy to be safe.

Alternative finish to Striding edge
Leaving the main path to traverse right.
Large step on Striding Edge continuation
Large step on Striding Edge continuation
2nd Large step on Striding Edge continuation
2nd Large step on Striding Edge continuation
View from Striding Edge continuation
View from Striding Edge continuation


The most interesting descent from Helvellyn is to follow Swirral Edge back down to the path where you started Striding Edge. It offers light scrambling with options to choose your own route down.

After you reach the ascent path, follow it back down to the car.

View of Swirral Edge
View of Swirral Edge
Swirral Edge
The Swirral Edge scrambling route.

Recommended Guidebook & Map

The best guidebook for this route is found in the Cicerone guide Scrambles in the Lake District North, available via Paperback or Kindle Book on Amazon here.

The best map for this route is the Ordnance Survey OL5, The English Lakes, North-Eastern Area available on Amazon here.

Recommended Scrambling Guide: (coming soon)

Recommended Accommodation

There are a wealth of options to stay in Glenridding and the surrounding area, so it really depends on what sort of thing you’re looking for.

You can compare the best hotels, hostels and appartments in Glenridding on here.

Route Info

Distance11.06 km
Elevation810m +/-
Duration4 hours
TransportCar, Bus - Glenridding


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ContributorWho Contributed?

Route Contributed by: Matt Jackson

This route was created by Matt Jackson and donated to the UK Scrambles website through our contributor program.

This generosity enables us to publish a whole range of scrambling routes to help you enjoy the outdoors.

If you have a route you could contribute, submit it to us today.

You can view other routes Matt has contributed here.

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