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Grindsbrook Clough Scramble

descending via Ringing Roger

One of the most popular scrambles in the Peak District, and a busy weekend route at most times of the year. A fairly easy grade 1 scramble that can be managed by most with a good level of stamina.

Grade: 1

Distance: 5.2 miles

Time: 3 hours

Start:  Edale Car Park (maps link)

Grindsbrook clough scramble

The Start

Head to Edale, and park at the pay and display (it can often get busy so get there early!), and walk into the centre of Edale, past the left wall of the Nags Head pub, following the road until you reach a small path on the right which leads to the start of the trail.

The Route

After you reach the trail, you simply follow the path up Grindsbrook Clough, choosing your favourite scrambling route as you go.

The more interesting points occur towards the top of the clough, where you can take either the left (easier) or right (more interesting) forks in the clough, and scramble your way to the top.

The right hand fork of the clough.

The Scrambling

There’s no doubt that this is an easy Grade 1 scramble, however you can find slightly more adventurous routes up.

There are also some rock formations along the edge as you head east towards Ringing Roger, that you can easily drop down into and find your favourite line.

The Rock cliff on the right fork.
The view into Edale

The Finish

Simply follow the east edge of Kinder Scout until an obvious path appears towards Ringing Roger, which is the lower ridge pointing towards Edale.

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