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Ashton Clough Scramble – The Peak District

Grade 1 | 150m of scrambling

This is a classic Grade 1 scramble in the Peak District, with some fantastic views. While it isn’t the most exciting, it’s perfect for a short day out to get some hands on rock without venturing too far from the Snakes Pass.

The Route

START: You can find this route from two starting points.

  1. The top of the Snakes Pass, where it flattens out for a stretch between Manchester and the Snake Pass Inn, where you can park at the side of the road (Google Maps Directions).
  2. The start of the Doctor’s Gate Path, starts a little further towards Sheffield than the first option, in a lay by heading East (Google Maps Link).

Finding the route is very easy, from starting point 1, you follow the Penine Way up to the point it crosses the Doctor’s Gate Path, and then turn west, following the Doctor’s Gate Path. From starting point 2, simply follow the Doctor’s Gate Path as it descends into the valley ahead.

A faint, rocky path leads it’s way along the left hand side of the valley, descending gradually until it reaches close to the level of the brook.

From the top, if you look to where the Shelf Brook turns sharply to the left, this is the point we cross and face up to Ashton Clough, directly across the bank.

The view of Ashton Clough

The Scramble

It is a grade 1 scramble, so don’t expect anything too drastic, but there are some fun parts, and it definitely gets steeper on the way to the top. You may well find some Aircraft debris from a previous crash scattered inside the clough.

When you reach the fork in the clough, take the left one as it’s far more interesting than the right.

The rocky sections while going up Ashton Clough

To finish, head towards the Pennine Way, stopping off at the B29 OVEREXPOSED Crash Site on the way.

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